Aop’s Story
  Hello, my name is Aop. Several years ago, I used to think that cooking Thai food was too hard for me because it needed too many ingredients, utensils and a lot of time, so I had no desire or interest in cooking at all. Until…..

  My best friends started to teach me how to cook, and I began to learn many things from them. To my surprise, it was really, truly, ENJOYABLE! I began to fall in love with cooking. I started searching for great and yummy recipes, joined cooking classes, talked to food gurus, and began adapting and cooking various recipes to develop my favorite recipes.

  Although I am not a professional chef, I love cooking, and with more than 10 years experience in teaching and translating English, Thai and Japanese, I am able to teach you how to cook delicious Thai food in a fun and enjoyable way that you can understand.

  Not only will I share with you my collection of favorite Thai recipes that will help you understand the art of Thai food, I also want to share with you a part of my culture, my life and my heart. Cooking Thai food might not be the easiest food to master, but it’s also not as hard as you think. Just as I discovered, you too will find out that cooking Thai food is unique, classic, simple, enjoyable, relaxing and fun.

   I love teaching, explaining, answering questions, and taking care of others. I would love for you come and be our guest at Calm Cool, so that I can serve you and share with you my passion for food. You are always welcome at Calm Cook Cooking Class.
Pick with heart, cook with love
Saki’s story
  Hello everyone. Welcome to Calm Cool Cooking Class.
  My name is Saki Abe. I am a Japanese living in Chiang Mai. Some people might wonder how I came to be living in Chiang Mai to teach cooking.
  Here is my story.
  I was born in Tokyo, but grew up in Fukuoka. As a university student I visited Chiang Mai. Many aspects of the city including the food, culture, and language, immediately fascinated me, but more than anything, I started to love the people of Chiang Mai. After I graduated from university, I decided to come back to Chiang Mai to study Thai.
  I soon discovered that a lot of people here were interested in Japanese food, culture and lifestyle.
  So I wanted to share some of my culture, and a bit of my language, through teaching others how to cook the food my mother and father always cooked with love for me.
  I believe that food makes people smile and happy. At Calm Cool Cooking Class, we cook and teach from the heart. We don’t want to just create mouthwatering aromas, we want to see smiles all around. You’ll be sure to want to come visit us again.
  I look forward to creating fun memories together!