Coconut milk

      Coconut milk is made from fresh shredded coconut that is simmered in water then strained to form 
a rich, creamy liquid.
Light coconut milk contains little if any coconut oil and therefore has less fat, fewer calories, 
and―alas―the lackluster flavor to prove it.
Cream of coconut is a mixture of coconut cream and sugar that's thicker and sweeter than coconut 
milk. The two can't be used interchangeably; save this for piña coladas.
Coconut juice (or water) is the electrolyte-rich liquid inside a fresh coconut.
What's different canned ,Boxed and Coconut powder


Canned Coconut Milk
Canned coconut milk and coconut cream are easily available, with mainstream and health food 
stores often carrying at least one brand and Asian grocery stores often carrying dozens of brands.
Some brands contain only coconut and water, while others include preservatives, emulsifiers, 
or stabilizers. Guar gum is a common additive; although it is naturally derived (from the guar 
bean), it can give some people digestive problems. A good additive-free canned product is Savoy 
Coconut Cream, which is very flavorful. Coconut cream is thicker than coconut milk but it may be 
diluted with water as desired.
BPA is another concern with canned coconut milk. There are at least two BPA-free brands: Native 
Forest and Trader Joe's Light Coconut Milk. Native Forest is organic but contains guar gum. 
Trader Joe's is additive-free but light coconut milk is not always desirable. Unfortunately I find 
both of them lacking in flavor.
Boxed Coconut Milk
Aseptic cartons or boxes are a good way to avoid BPA. Depending on the brand, boxed coconut 
milk and coconut cream may contain only coconut and water, or it may contain additives similar 
to those in canned coconut milk.
Thai brand Aroy-D makes 100% coconut milk in 8.5-ounce and 33.8-ounce cartons. The flavor 
is not as rich as some canned coconut milks, but it isn't bad. The smaller size carton is also 
convenient for those times when a typical 14-ounce can would be too much.
Coconut Milk Powder
Powdered coconut milk and cream is made from dried coconut meat and is usually mixed with 
milk or casein and other additives. It can be mixed with water to make as little or as much as you 
need, and as thin or thick as you like. It generally comes in space-saving packets or sometimes in 
cans (in which case BPA might be an issue).
You can choose any coconut milk but if you like rich taste you can make coconut milk from fresh 
coconut .
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